Has the big bad wolf run off with your money? Your trusty steed gotten a little rusty and in need of some bodywork? Or is money just too tight to mention? If you need a loan ProductForge will put you in touch with your fairy godmother.


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At ProductForge we make looking for loans in South Africa easy and we’ll help you save money by getting you in contact with all the right people. Whether it’s a small, short-term loan you’re after, or you want to borrow a large amount of money, we’re here to help you.

We know that life is full of unexpected emergencies, and that sometimes the money in our bank account just isn’t enough to help us realise our dreams. ProductForge helps you bridge the gap, and make what you need to happen, happen.

From student loans to home loans and everything in between, ProductForge knows just how to assist you. We are well versed in what South African banks have to offer and we can ensure that you get in touch with the moneylender that will make you smile.

Taking out a loan no longer needs to be stressful, nor does it require you spending ages searching for the lowest interest rates and the easiest repayment terms. At ProductForge we have the know-how to assess your needs and to evaluate what sort of loan would best suit you.

With ProductForge, finding out more about personal loans and all other lending opportunities has never been easier, and we offer a quick and flexile alternative to spending hours in the bank. By filling in our form you’ll give us an idea of your salary and what sort of figures you’re looking at, and we can work with these to find the best possible loan to suit you. Our team of experts puts you in touch with the people who will make your financial future a little better and a little brighter, and will give you a helping hand when you need it the most.

With ProductForge you can make your dreams a reality and can find a financial product that really works for you. We are not a comparison site, nor are we going to ask you to submit endless documentation, we simply ask that you fill in a form and we take it from there. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.