Whether it’s buying a turret in Rapunzel’s castle, or the castle itself, when you need a home loan you can’t afford to wait around. Every man’s home may be his castle, but not if the bond still needs sorting out!


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ProductForge makes it so much simpler to find a financial institution that will help you secure the home of your dreams. Just by filling in a form you can take one step closer to having your own castle, hassle and stress free.

We’ll assist you in finding the very best home loan products to suit your needs, whether you are buying for the first time or adding to your existing property portfolio. Our team is well versed in which South African banks and financial institutions offer what, and will save you time, effort and money by pointing you in the direction of the best deals. We regularly assess the interest rates offered, and we keep tabs on South Africa’s changing economy and how it affect consumers, so that when it comes to taking out a home loan, we are well equipped in every way.

Competitive interest rates, flexible lending terms and conditions, loan periods and other factor all come into consideration when taking out a home loan. At ProductForge we reduce the admin you need to do and put you in touch with the experts who can offer you a bespoke product that will help you get the keys to your new home in the shortest possible time.

By checking out your salary, your home loan expectations and the amount you wish to apply for, we can connect you with the people who make things happen. We cater for all income brackets, so whether it’s a bachelor flat or a beachside mansion that you want to put an offer on, you can do so with ease.

South African banks offer a variety of home loan products for first time and previous buyers, and with ProductForge you can benefit from our teams expertise. We have plenty of experience in how home loans work, what they entail and what requirements an individual needs to meet, and by filling in our online form, we can pair you with a product that will help you secure your dream home.

Start the home loan process today the ProductForge way, and take the first step to buying your own castle.