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A prepaid card offers the ideal banking solution to individuals and businesses that really need to manage their money and keep a tight rein on spending. You can only spend what’s loaded on the card, so there’s no concern about going into debt or exceeding limits.

A prepaid card offers many benefits and you can use it in the same way you would a debit card. It’s an excellent alternative for employers who want to issue employees with allowances or petty cash, and its perfect for parents who would prefer their kids to stay safe and not carry cash. Banking is made basic with a prepaid card and loading funds and tracking expenditure is just as easy as if you were using a debit or credit card, only there’s less risk and more accountability.

A prepaid card is an alternative to cash and it’s also a great way for businesses to ensure that funds are readily available when needed, without any risk. For individuals, a prepaid card comes with many benefits too, and managing your money has never been easier. You can set limits, transact at point of sales and ATM’s, and you can setup sms notifications so you know when money has been withdrawn or your card has been swiped.

A prepaid card gives you freedom but still ensures your money is kept safe and you have access to it when you want it. It’s a great solution for small, medium and large enterprises and it also works brilliantly for families and individuals who prefer a smart, simple banking solution.

Applying for a prepaid card at one of South Africa’s banks is a straightforward process, but as there are so many different products available, it’s always best to find the one that suits you. At ProductForge we can assist you in finding the perfect prepaid card to suit your lifestyle requirements. All it takes is filling in our short form, and we’ll make sure that you’re put in touch with the bank that can best help you.

Getting you hands on a prepaid card shouldn’t involve any duels, and you can think of ProductForge as your knight in shining armour. We make sure you are contacted by the bank that can help you out, and put a prepaid card within easy reach.